サイトマップショップイメージ It introduces manager's recommendation commodity, popular items and goods in reasonable price. Additionally, the piano, the electone, and Clavinova are introduced.
サイトマップスタジオ・教室イメージ The studio member is recruited. Admission fee is \1,050 for 1 year. As a special favour, the guitar string, the base string, the pick, strap, shield, drumstick, etc. are all 10%OFF!
In addition, by ten stamps, you can use the studio for two hours free. 

In Hokkaido education musical instruments, rentals of musical instruments are also served besides the studio rental.
Please feel free to inquire of the piano, the electone and the drum,


-YAMAHA Music class
Akaringo course, an infant course, and a basic course of the junior step has been set up. Please feel free to participate in the trial lesson.

- Hokkaido education musical instruments individual lesson course
It corresponds from the child to the adult. Will you start the music life?
We have piano course, electone course and guitar, bass, drums course besides the solfege course and violin course.

Hokkaido education musical instruments provides various events through the year. Please join us and enjoy the event.
We introduce some events which are held in Iwamizawa.
Please inquire to each contact office.

In one piano about 230 strings are hanging on the strong tension, so for the time interval, tune of the piano changes. "I want to play the piano in good condition." "I wish to remain the piano in good condition." Therefore, we recommend regular tuning at least once in a year.

Upright Piano : 13000 yen ~ 
Grand Piano :  15000 yen~ 

サイトマップ会社概要イメージ The history of Hokkaido education musical instruments. The history from 1969 is described.

The inquiry to Hokkaido education musical instruments, YAMAHA Music class is accepted by Toll-Free or the inquiry form (E-mail).

Please inquire by  inquiry form 
or by the telephone 0120-024519.